Binah Rossi

Binah Rossi
Binah Rossi is caring and practical. She is mature and responsible, as she takes care of the chores in her home. Her mother died when she was young, though she misses her deeply. She lives with her father and school teacher, now step-mother, Mrs. Rossi (nee Fluffernutter)
She is the last and only outsider girl to join The English Roses clique. Charlotte, Grace, Amy, and Nicole were wary of her prior to getting to know her.

General Infomation
Age: 12 (presumably)
Occupation: Student
Home: London, England
Gender: Female
Height: 4'9
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Honey blonde
Skin color: Light peach
Family: Mr. Rossi (father)
Mother (deceased)
Mrs. Fluffernutter (step-mother)

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